eVACUATE Milestones

List of project milestones

Milestone numberMilestone nameWorkpackage numberDelivery date
1 Interim Progress reports WP1 M8
2 Annual reports and project review WP1 M16
3 Interim Progress reports WP1 M24
4 Annual reports and project review WP1 M32
5 Interim Progress reports WP1 M40
6 Annual reports and project review WP1 M50
7 End user meetings for user requirements For all case studies WP1 M6
8 Multi-scale crowd behaviour recognition software, (v1.0) WP3 M18
9 Integrated multi-scale crowd behaviour recognition software into the SAES system, (v2.0) WP3 M33
10 Optimum Spatial Evacuation strategies identified WP4 M18
11 Predictive component Beta version completed, validation completed WP4 M30
12 COPSI Beta Release WP5 M20
13 COPSI Final Release WP6 M38
14 Communication Architecture & High Level System Specification WP6 M16
15 Smart Space Architecture Defined WP7 M19
16 Smart Space Information structure delivered WP7 M30
17 System Specifications WP8 M12
18 Software Demo, data fusion engine and mediation system WP8 M26
19 The Emergency Operations Centre Prototype WP8 M30
20 First eVACUATE Integrated Framework WP9 M18
21 The Emergency Operations Centre Prototype WP9 M21
22 Interim Pilot Testing WP10 M24
23 Exercise concept to use in exercises WP10 M50
24 Successfull validation of eVACUATE system WP10 M50
25 Specification of ethical issues and legal requirements WP11 M6
26 Evaluation of ethical and legal compliance WP11 M36
27 Establishment of the eVACUATE Stakeholders Community WP12 M6
28 Organization of the eVACUATE Workshop WP12 M20