Passenger Terminal EXPO Conference 2017

The Passenger Terminal Expo (PTE) is an international conference addresses airport and airline business-critical issues and solutions, providing innovative ideas and progressive thinking for future development, and proven measures for maintaining passenger custom and satisfaction – all key to the industry’s future success.
They specified that it is a resilient and seamless communication platform (namely the outcome of the eVACUATE EU-funded research project) integrated into the mechanisms already in place, to allow communication with the theatre of the evacuation operations and other civil and military response units.

Athens International Airport participated in the third day (Thursday 16 March ) of PTE EXPO Conference in the section entitled “ Management & Operations: Crisis & Disaster” as part of AIA’s dissemination activities. The title of the presentation was “Situational awareness guidance and evacuation systems for airports”
The speakers were Chrisoula Falagaris ( Head, Security Planning - Training & Contract Monitoring, Security Operations) that covered the functional and operational concepts and Nikos Papagiannopoulos, (DB Architect – Project Manager of eVACUATE) that covered the technology and project management aspects of the project. On this issue, the speakers outlined a complete system for the provision of efficient support for the application of safe and effective evacuation strategies at large public venues such as airports.

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