EuCAP 2015 Conference

"Square-shape fully printed chipless RFID tag and its applications in evacuation procedures" , Diego Betancourt et al.  , EuCAP 2015, Lisbon, Portugal. 

Herein, square-shaped chipless RFID tags are reported. Thereby, the development of the design, the applied fabrication process and the experimental verification are described. The designed tags, which are based on Frequency Selective Surfaces, are produced by screen printing on flexible PET and paper substrates and are considered suitable for the fabrication by means of roll-to-roll printing technologies. The functionality is proved by both, the measurements inside and outside the anechoic chamber. In order to corroborate the tag’s independence to the position feature, the tags are further measured for several rotation and tilt angles. During measurements in the anechoic chamber, a reading distance up to 1.8 m could be demonstrated. Furthermore, a new optimized methodology for semi-automatic measurements that reduces the time per measured tag is introduced. Moreover, for the first time a chipless RFID tag to be applied in evacuation procedures under crisis events is proposed.

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