A system and evacuation strategy which guides people from the dangerous situations

eVACUATE integrated SAS captures situation awareness dynamically in time as the crisis unfolds. The targeted time threshold for situation awareness updates is not exceeding 1 minute, through fast crowd engagement (behaviour) predictions and dynamic simulations

Increase effectiveness of forces responding to crisis

eVACUATE integrated and advanced technologies will be applied to merge together different types of information sources thus providing an improved near real time situational awareness to the first force responders deployed on the field. This approach will lead to a reduction of the response time of more than a 15% with respect to usual systems

Reducing time in restoring security as a crisis unfolds

eVACUATE integrated SAS for decision support leads to the reduction of evacuation times by average margins greater than 20% across scenarios

Reduction of human error in restoring security as a crisis unfolds

The structured data fusion framework will enable the dynamic propagation of uncertainties across all fusion levels and its associated predictors (behaviour, crowd motions etc.). The resulting uncertainty envelope is therefore quantified for decision-support at all time steps and enable decision-makers achieve better decisions with less human-induced errors.

Reduction of collateral damage in restoring security as a crisis unfolds

The crowd engagement predictions, together with more realistic crowd dynamics simulation will lead to strategic spatial evacuation to safer zones. The establishment of eVACUATE smart spaces for guiding crowd to safer zone in real-time will reduce collateral damage and faster restoration of security at the events venue and its affected proximities.